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They are using my nanalans! by Strawbroke They are using my nanalans! :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 3 4 OK sign it is then memy (request) by Strawbroke OK sign it is then memy (request) :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 7 I DO REQUESTS BC I NOT CREATIV!!11!111 by Strawbroke I DO REQUESTS BC I NOT CREATIV!!11!111 :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 4 11 Gee I'm a good friend, caring more about numbers by Strawbroke Gee I'm a good friend, caring more about numbers :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 0 4 I'm Rich pls be my friend by Strawbroke I'm Rich pls be my friend :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 4 Mona stamp rekuest by Strawbroke Mona stamp rekuest :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 3 10 Desu-kun stamp by Strawbroke Desu-kun stamp :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 4 Border-kun stamp by Strawbroke Border-kun stamp :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 4 nanalan by Strawbroke nanalan :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 2 Nanalan by Strawbroke Nanalan :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 0 nanalan by Strawbroke nanalan :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 2 Nanalan by Strawbroke Nanalan :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 7 Nanalan by Strawbroke Nanalan :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 2 8 Nanalan and the peepo by Strawbroke Nanalan and the peepo :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 6 7 SISHILS STEELS BORDER-KUN'S YAOWEE! IN A MAID CAFE by Strawbroke SISHILS STEELS BORDER-KUN'S YAOWEE! IN A MAID CAFE :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 1 8 Dumb Swede by Strawbroke Dumb Swede :iconstrawbroke:Strawbroke 2 0


Misc. 02 :bases: by wish04 Misc. 02 :bases: :iconwish04:wish04 797 81
Lovesick: Friendship, Jealousy, and Love part 1
Monday-4:00 pm
Osano was walking out of the school with Taro and Hanoko when suddenly, he realized that he was missing something.
Osano: Darn it! I think I dropped my wallet. Hey Taro, Hanoko...would you mind waiting up for me while I go find it?
Taro: No problem. We’ll be right here.
Osano quickly went back to the last place he was at. He remembered that he last had his wallet when he was with Ayano. Osano walked towards the courtyard where Ayano was at, and found his wallet on the ground near the one of the doorways. Osano picked up his wallet and placed it in his pocket. All of a sudden, Osano noticed a sweet smell coming from nearby.
Osano: (Must be coming from the Cooking Club. I wonder if Amao will let me have some free food.)
Osano began to walk towards the Cooking Club. Once he arrived, he heard a familiar voice…
????: I like to cook. It’s one of the many things that I was taught growing up.
Osano quietly hid near the doorway and saw that it was Ayano.
:iconyanderefangirl20xx:YandereFangirl20xx 23 100
Wha?  by TheFlaimingHotCheeto Wha? :icontheflaiminghotcheeto:TheFlaimingHotCheeto 27 28 Yandere Simulator GB 3 by Furipa93 Yandere Simulator GB 3 :iconfuripa93:Furipa93 144 21 Coloured headshot commissioned by Chronus Chro by MuiMushi Coloured headshot commissioned by Chronus Chro :iconmuimushi:MuiMushi 13 2 3 Little Angels by Mouichi 3 Little Angels :iconmouichi:Mouichi 27 16 APH: What is considered language anyway by shindianaify APH: What is considered language anyway :iconshindianaify:shindianaify 231 60 Sarcasm by FieryDaemon Sarcasm :iconfierydaemon:FieryDaemon 1 2 Night exploration by FieryDaemon Night exploration :iconfierydaemon:FieryDaemon 4 2 Ivan by SHIBUE Ivan :iconshibue:SHIBUE 904 42 The red melting snow... by SHIBUE The red melting snow... :iconshibue:SHIBUE 1,156 45 Yao Wang by SHIBUE Yao Wang :iconshibue:SHIBUE 1,022 51 the sunflower by SHIBUE the sunflower :iconshibue:SHIBUE 1,247 56 Under the shadow of trees by SHIBUE Under the shadow of trees :iconshibue:SHIBUE 1,301 91
Lovesick: A sweet new week
Monday-7:10 am
Ayano walked into the courtyard of the school, and waited for Taro-Senpai. He finally appeared and sat at the fountain, and began to read a book. Even though his routine hardly ever changed, Ayano never got tired of looking at her Senpai. He was just too captivating. While looking at Taro, Ayano noticed Saki putting up ‘Missing’ posters of Kokona. Ayano was now curious of how much Saki knew about Kokona’s disappearance.
She walked towards Saki…
Ayano: Morning Saki
Saki: Morning Ayano-chan
Ayano: Why are you putting up ‘Missing’ posters of Kokona?
Saki: Well...she disappeared after school on Friday. I thought she went home but...her dad called and said that she hadn’t arrived home. I tried calling her all weekend but, she didn’t answer at all. The police think she might have ran away, or that she might have been kidnapped.
Ayano: What do you think?
Saki: I think...she might have been kidnapped. No one knows what happened to
:iconyanderefangirl20xx:YandereFangirl20xx 24 18
Lovesick: Meeting New People
One Month Later...
It was Monday morning, 6:30 am. Ayano Aishi had just finished getting ready for school. She quickly ate her breakfast and rode to school on her bike. She was a bit nervous, since she had been homeschooled her whole life. She had only heard stories of when her parents were in high school, but they all involved her mother’s undying love for her father and nothing else. But if there was one thing that she learned from her mother’s stories, it’s that she should never give up when it comes to love.
Ayano had finally arrived at Akademi High. She parked her bike outside of the school with a few others. She was still feeling a bit nervous, but the thought of seeing Taro made her feel at ease. She saw other students appear and walk towards the school. One of them, was Taro Yamada, her Senpai. She quietly followed behind him, not wanting to startle him. Suddenly, a boy with orange hair walked towards Taro, looking ticked for some reason. He grabbed Taro
:iconyanderefangirl20xx:YandereFangirl20xx 34 74


They are using my nanalans!
Glad to see the memes being spread like AIDS! 
OK sign it is then memy (request)
(Idk if this was whatchu wanted but here it is) 
Sadly I couldn't make it an emote ;-; 
Or maybe I can.. 
W8 a sec. 
It worked!!! 
Boys, my austrian man made it to the eurovision final. AKA the final battle!!! 
I'm just gonna let Mona express y emotions rn 
nanalan nanalan nanalan nanalan 
I have faith in Austria, Portugal, Moldova (obviously), Belarus, Romania, Holland, Belgium-kun 
and other countries that I'm too lazy to write down. 
I don't want Sweden AKA my country to win bc that would mean they take all the moneyzz and without the xXmoneyXx the economy will sux! 
This status is long af but I fuccing love Eurovision AND MY BOIZ NATHAN TRENT AND SALVADOR SOBRAL!! 
I'll express my love for eurovision another day. 
It's a shame that San marino or Finland never make it to the competition anymore. ;-; 
Nanalan One sadalan for you. 
I also really liked Malta, but she out! 
I also remember when xXTurkey12Xx was in the competition. 
In fact, Turkey won when I was born! 
Do some math and research and find out when I was born. ;-; 
I also really like Croatia and Cyprus this year, along with Hungary and Holland! 
Gaah, I just can't express how happy I am to finally see eurovision again! 
May Mona express my feelings again. 
nanalan nanalan nanalan nanalan nanalan 
I guess meming-shepherd does requests 2 so pleas b nice 2 ya boi. 

If ya want me 2 do yo requests n shit you just have to follow 1 rule. 
Spread the news bout me doing requests via a status post or journal. 
I will draw anything except for kinky shit bc my dad does not like that. 
Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle 
I will sometimes paint and draw normally and sometimes draw with pixels. 
I can make stamps and icons too. 
Lenny Rainbow Transparent Gif 
If you're not happy with your request then I'll remake it. 
(Maybe, depends on how nice/memy you are) 
If you like memes then we can be bffs. 
That is all I guess. 
Got any questions or comments just type it. 
You Nanalan : You're a fgt. 
Me nanalan : Cri
I want to write a fanfiction... 
Strange-baby-faces02 by Strawbroke

I've become obsessed over some shit soo. 
If I write a fanfiction then keep in mind that I'm not crazy. 
I'm not crazy bc I decided 2 inform everyone about it. 
Though I boubt anyone would read this since I'm not using any tags for this one. 
Just 4 a little supris ;-;
Don't worry gaiz. 
I'm the same person within. 
You Nanalan : Fak yuu Strabrook, yu did writ a Border-kun n an Andorra fanfic so STOP!!1!!!!111 
Me Nanalan : You do have 1 point there. But I want to write even dumber and crazier fanfictions. For the sake of irony. My classm8s think I'm ironic af, it's like I'm a woman made of iron. 
You Nanalan : Stop Strabrook, I hat u. 
Me Nanalan : Srry


Strawbroke's Profile Picture
Wai yu so tan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I hav nic legs...
They look like chicken after summer.
Im ur mom ur dad ur sibling ur pet ur appartment...
Im a hetalia fangurl 4 a guud reason...
Its bc Sweden is there >:)
Im a chick from Sweden...
Im a libra and loves looking at horoscope things...
Swag... 10/10 wood band...
002 by musicaI-spirits

Ok Im gunna try...
002 by musicaI-spirits
Anti LimitedPepe and Proud by meming-shepherd Im gunna see if it works
Anti Limitedpepe does not make sense since Limitedpepe became memingshepherd
002 by musicaI-spirits
The stamp worked so here we go.
Bolin Stamp by MexicanSushi GEE WHAT A HUNK
Lolita Stamp by King-Lulu-Deer-Pixel Love the lolita fashion!
Playroom Divider by King-Lulu-Deer-Pixel Candy Guro Divider by King-Lulu-Deer-Pixel

Let me just make this profile reaall fine ok ;-;

before I make this real fine, I just ogtta say 'I have permission by king-lulu-deer to use their pixels'
King-lulu-deer is great at making pixels and I definetly recomend you to check them out!
You must have permission to use their pixels, I recomend to at least take a peak at their pixels, that's all I ask.

Hospital Bed by King-Lulu-Deer Bleach by King-Lulu-Deer

Blood Milk by King-Lulu-Deer

those were King-Lulu-Deer's pixels

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I will no longer search for safety in this realm.
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Ily2 sunny. 
My favrit nanalan is this 1 
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